Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing is key to the probity of any structure. After all, water is the most invasive opponent your building has. Waterproofing requires the vertical surfaces of a building the building’s Façade, If water penetration has already caused the substantial impact, All State Restoration will presize and repair the following:

  • Mortar Deterioration
  • Water Infiltration of Lintels & Spandrels
  • Freeze & Thaw Damage to Joints
  • Leaks in Parapet Walls
  • Leaks at Window Perimeters
  • Bulged Brickwork

All of these components need a top-quality waterproofing system behind them to make sure water does not enter the structure. We use different types of waterproofing methods. Kemper, liquid plastics, and grace products depending on the shape of the building. Revealed elements like balcony decks and ceilings face bad weather, temperature changes. They can be fractured leading water behind, or into the component, which can crack the concrete. These components need to be patched and coated with the proper methods to prevent further damages.